Nicola Mucklow Psychotherapy MBACP Accred.
Nicola Mucklow Psychotherapy MBACP Accred.

Counselling or Psychotherapy, what is the difference?

Counselling is usually short term help, while Psychotherapy is a longer working relationship in which the therapist may use psychological tools to help the client explore the background to problems that are severe or issues that may have their roots in past experiences such as childhood.


Person Centred Therapy: Person Centred counselling or Client led therapy states that the client is the expert regarding their own issues. Carl Rogers devised this approach during the 1950's & his work promoted the ethos that the human being has an innate tendency to fulfil their full potential. The Counsellor/Psychotherapist uses the conditions of Unconditional Positive Regard, Congruence (or the quality of being genuine in a relationship) & Empathy to foster a therapeutic alliance between Therapist & Client. 


Integrative Therapy: Integrative Therapy or Counselling is when the therapist combines specific elements of different therapies to create a bespoke service for clients. The needs of each individual client are considered as a whole & techniques/approaches are tailored to the client's personal circumstances.


* Choosing a therapist/counsellor to meet your needs can be daunting. Please follow the links for tips & advice on finding the right therapist for you:




Initial Assessment £25 (35-45 minutes approx.)

*One off deposit £25 (if further sessions are booked)

Full counselling session £45 (50 minutes)

Student Counsellor session £35


Supervision from Oct 2020

Initial Assessment    £25 (35-45 minutes approx.)

*One off deposit        £25 (if further sessions are booked)


Trainee Counsellor Supervision Session: £45.00 (60 mins)

                                                                           £55.00 (90 mins)


Qualified Counsellor Supervision Session: £55.00 (60 mins)

                                                                             £70.00 (90 mins)


Method of Payment Cash on the day or BAC's bank transfer to arrive in my account 24 hours before the agreed session (please ask for details)



The Assessment is an opportunity for:
  • You to share the issues that you would like to explore in Counselling
  • To give me the opportunity to learn something about your personal history
  • For me to share with you how I work, which will help you to decide if my approach is right for you
  • For us both to decide if we would like to work together

It will involve some form-filling, note-taking & general discussion & will normally last around 35-45 minutes.


Assessments are strictly no obligation & afterwards you can book your first full session, go home & think about it, or decide not to proceed.


*Deposits are taken at the beginning of therapy /Supervision & returned at the end of the working agreement.

Deposits covers loan of books, CD’s & self-help resources and are retained only in the event of

  • a non-returned resource at the end of therapy
  • a cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice
  • not turning up for your session

Thereafter any further cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice are charged at £25 to cover admin & loss of sessional fees as it is usually too late to fill the slot.




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